The Firm

SALAZAR, PARDO & JARAMILLO (SPJ) is a Law Firm headquartered in Bogota, Colombia, made up of lawyers specialized in the various practice areas of private and public law. Founded in 1978, the Firm is committed to excellence in the practice of private and public law to national and international clients, based on the expertise of its lawyers. SPJ has a local (Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Bucaramanga, Pasto, Villavicencio, Manizales, etc.) and international (USA, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, etc.) network of

The Firm has successfully handled before Courts of Law and Arbitration Tribunals some of the most complex and costly cases in the history of Colombia. Members of the Firm have been appointed as Justices to the Colombian Supreme Court, Deputy Justices to that same Corporation and to the Council of State. Several of the Firm's lawyers are frequently appointed as arbitrators in civil, commercial and administrative disputes. Members of SPJ are active professors of several schools of law, have been members of Colombia's Commercial Code Drafting Committee and are frequent speakers in domestic and international law seminars.

The Firm provides legal services to domestic and foreign clients, with lawyers prepared to counsel in Spanish, English and French. Further to its counseling and litigation services, SALAZAR, PARDO & JARAMILLO also acts as its clients' negotiator or representative, depending on the case, before public and private entities in Colombia or abroad.